Oct 26, 2009

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What Is Business Communication?

“Business Communication”, is one very important buzzword today especially when you are working with corporate bigwigs, the word communication carries lots of meaning relating to internet communication, telephone, mobile communication, data communication, etc. but when we talk about business communication, it all means so different and sided from the outside world. The success of an organization lies in the work that organization does and also the way it communicates, there are pure ethics in which a CEO of the company will communicate to other companies for business contract, unless he is perfect in business communication skills, there is going to be no communication or respect on either side.

Most of the companies, we see, stress more importance on communication aspect of a employee and especially when that employee has to communicate with the clients. Business relationships develop if you have got good amount of communication power, communication is the root of all causes, whether its good relations or bad relations, everything happens due to communication. There are different types of business communication what we find written in management books and I can recollect quite a few what I learnt in my management studies, business communication includes written and oral and those gets categorized in different sub categories, I don’t really know whether indeed such categories exist, this is all I have the bright idea of being studied in college days. Well, lets get to our main point, Business Communication is the formal way of exchanging business ideas, sharing knowledge or doing a contract with some other firm or a company.

Business CommunicationWhen a person is studying in a business school, the very first lesson he is taught is business communication because today it stands more important than any other management subjects, whole organization works on the idea of communication, unless there is communication, there are no action, and no actions would mean no productivity. A formal written word of knowledge can be termed as business communication and having a telephonic conversation too, points towards business communication, there is no end to the way you communicate but just one criteria, you have to be polite, you message should be clear and loud and it should carry some logic. There are lots of things you can do to work upon your communication skills by understanding and getting to the root cause of your company problems, once you rectify your problem, you can communicate well and bring along the changes that are actually needed for the organization and communicating in the right direction and the right manner works well for the whole company.

If you feel you are weak in your communication skill set, then you can work around your weaknesses, the points where you feel you are lagging behind. You can write down the points, you strongly agree or disagree to and you will be amazed to know how easy it was to locate your weaknesses. You can listen to what your seniors have to say and then react accordingly, jot down the points you will are important and even the words you will, you can manage to use in your next lecture or presentations. You can prepare a special communication plan for yourself and use it whenever you feel like. After this, you can see if there are any changes to your skill set and see the results. You will really be amazed to find the results and see yourself in the team of top speakers of your team.

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  1. Do you feel effective business communication is important for any business? Explain with reasons and practical examples.

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