Apr 16, 2014

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Time Management: The Need of the Corporate Genre

Time Management: The Need of the Corporate Genre

Business and corporate world are always short of time and running against time and to optimize the functionality and productivity many Business Managers follow the techniques of time management and development. Smart managers know that to optimize the use of the time development in an organisation, it is imperative that every task assigned to the team must be time bound and it is noticed that the best part of the day is when the business opens and within first 3 hours of operations as the team is fizz with enthusiasm and the Management can get tons of work load done in shortest span of time. It is found that working team us more proactive during that period and   endeavour can be successfully completed. The other factor that determines the optimized time management is  [...]

Apr 8, 2014

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Maintaining harmony between both the genders in th...

Maintaining harmony between both the genders in the organizational environment

Today in the corporate world the fear of overstepping gender boundaries is killing work relations and working in an organization which brings you in close contact with women co workers sounds terrifying. Some of the pointers that are relevant to a strong organizational theory can help to create a winning environment for men and women in the organization. There is nothing wrong in complimenting your colleague in a subtle manner like you look good or nice today. As long as you have the charm and as long as you genuinely believe it you can pay compliments to your women co worker and it will work great for you. Very often the border line between gallantry and sexism happens in a door way, and it is better to invite   women to walk through doorway first if you reach it at the  [...]

Mar 22, 2014

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Significance of Communication in the...

Significance of Communication in the Business Arena

In business, communication skill is the basic mantra of success and client satisfaction should be the perfect attitude. The business owner or the management has to communicate with the clients and they have to maintain a certain communication level. Client sometimes inquires about a product and its availability. The conversation should be very polite and mannered. Client should not be dissatisfied with the conversation. This makes the company – client relationship stronger. The attitude in conversation should always be “client  [...]

Mar 13, 2014

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Advertising on television channels

Advertising on television channels

  Television is today the best medium to approach the masses.  Any type of message to be brought into public’s attention is possible via television today.  Gone are the days when the television had only 1 or two local channels and programs were telecast for a limited number of hours.  All the advanced countries now have television on almost 24×7.  Thus television is now becoming the media to reach the public even for advertisement purposes.  Cable or private operators offer hundreds of various channels, movie channel, channel  [...]

Mar 6, 2014

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Ethics for writing email

Ethics for writing email

Today, e-mail has become the powerful means for business communication.  E-mailing has replaced postal letter and telegraphs almost totally.  But while writing an official mail, you should follow some ethics or morals. The first thing to remember is to be clear and concise in your matter.  Most of the business professionals receive hundreds of mails daily and they get exhausted reading all the mails, and if your mail is unnecessary long and too much descriptive, the receiver will just ignore it.  So you must be very concise and clear in  [...]

Feb 22, 2014

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A Diminishing Concept in Modern Orga...

A Diminishing Concept in Modern Organizations

Coteries have been playing important part in the business organisation since ages as they are the eyes and ears of the management play the role trusted confidants of the promoters of business and this coteries provide all the relevant information unfiltered to the management, which they collect meeting and interacting people at work places or during coffee breaks, and this helps the management to revise and devise the strategy for the work force constantly. However with passage of time, the concept of Coterie is losing ground, for the  [...]

Jan 29, 2014

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Know The Secret To Be An Efficient L...

Know The Secret To Be An Efficient Leader

Skilled leadership is not a rocket science, but the science of handling adverse, awkward situations with grace, style and achieving the desired results. Leadership is based on interactions and key to these is anticipating the other person’s point of view, and the important fact is that you don’t have to judge and analyze his reaction instead your reaction to the situation needs to be evaluated. There are times when a leader needs to get directly to the core of the issue but if the questions elicits little or vague information, then the  [...]

Dec 24, 2013

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Factors Which Determine the Organiza...

Factors Which Determine the Organizational Theory

The key factors that determine the organisational theory are formatted on the dynamics of the size of the business, for instance larger businesses tend to need more formal structures with respect to professional roles so that the chains of command and communications are clear and specific. If the business has a diverse product range, possibly needing very different marketing strategies, then each product might need a separate division, or where the technology of production moves at a rapid pace, a more responsive task- oriented structure would  [...]

Dec 10, 2013

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Mission Statement and Vision Stateme...

Mission Statement and Vision Statement: The Pillars of Business Goals

  The business goals can be set out in its two defining statements – Mission statement and Vision statement. Mission statement is a short statement that clearly sets out the business ethics, values, beliefs and the culture of the business and it should be a reflection of the corporate goals. Vision statement is more about the future direction and the broad goals of the business, whereas mission statement is based on the present situation. However setting up of realistic and logical goals for the business provide a focus to the working  [...]

Nov 14, 2013

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The Power of Strong and Effective Bu...

The Power of Strong and Effective Business Communications

  Business communication has the potential to make you successful professionally and in the process make personal gains, and it is important to master the art of communicating these days. Effective business communications demonstrates your ability to perform and achieve the desired goals and targets and at the same time proves your connection building capabilities and enhances your personality to fit in the business culture, and gives you a head start in the ruthless business world. Strong Business communications have the power strike up  [...]

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