Feb 23, 2010

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Types of Advertising Strategies

With the markets over flooded with varieties of products and different tools used to position a product in front of the audience, it gets a little conflicting to decide which is the best strategy suited for your business or the product. Product positioning is the concept of getting the core message in front of your customers and appealing them in to buying your product. Today, we are going to have a detailed look on different types of advertising strategies used in businesses with current trends. Here are some of Dupont’s suggestions for positioning a product:

  • Authentic product positioning strategy

    The companies who are the original developers of a product use this strategy. Companies may use a phrase or a word, which best describes that they are original people who made the product. It merely appeals to people, that other brands are fake.

  • types of advertising strategiesCatch up advertising strategy

    This type of strategy is used by the companies who stand at number 2 position in the market. They may use phrases like, “we are just no. 2 and striving to get ahead”. According to the psychological reports, people are more likely to remember the top 2 brands while recalling any product while buying.

  • Lowest price advertising strategy

    It is used by the companies to highlight their competitive benefits to the customers.

  • Higher price advertising strategy

    It gives a snob appeal to people in economic terms. Customers are more than willing to pay higher price for quality products.

  • Sturdiness Advertising Strategy

    It gives a durable appeal to people who want to use the product for longer period of time.

  • Sex appeal advertising strategy

    It is the most appealing which attracts people of opposite sexes. They can work well with the products like beer, underwear, toothpaste, perfume, lingerie, etc.

  • Gender advertising strategy

    Gender can be used as the main element to showcase the products that are sex oriented. The popular Male oriented products is Marlboro cigarettes while a female oriented product is Virginia slim cigarettes. The gender advertising strategies are mostly aimed at women because women do 80 percent of household purchases.

These are some of the most popular types of advertising strategies that are used by companies to showcase their products in front of the audience. It does not matter what types of advertising strategies we use, the important element is to get across the proper message to your audience and position the product well in front of the customers.

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