Feb 22, 2010

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Different types of advertising appeals

Advertising has greatly influenced our decisions in buying the products in markets today. The new generation of today needs much more to get convinced to buy some product, companies are using different types of advertising appeals to influence them in buying their products. The advertising message is the most important elements that describe your potential customer to purchase a particular commodity. The most basic of all demands are the food, clothing and shelter – we obviously cannot create a special need for these essential products but can advertise the products which influences their standard of living. The luxury products are highly aimed at youngsters for varied reasons, social status, peer competition, impressing someone, craze for latest products, etc.

Today, advertising industry is at the threshold of every industry we talk about, they not only influence just the customers but also every single entity involved in the business. Bigger companies are increasing their advertising budgets to create more sophisticated appealing advertisements for their customers. The advertising agencies use different tricks and types of advertising appeals that influences the mind of people targeted in a particular group. Here are some of the different types of advertising appeals, ad agencies are using:

  • EMOTIONAL APPEAL influences customers to buy the products emotionally. These are the people who are emotionally motivated to buy certain products. Emotional appeal includes two categories: personal appeal and social appeal. The personal emotions encourage individuals to buy products for the fear, comfort, safety, stimulation, self esteem, pleasure, joy, happiness where as social appeal encourages people to buy the products for recognition, affiliation, acceptance, status, etc.
  • HUMOR APPEAL is one of the excellent tool to grab viewer’s attention, its an effective method that benefits the customers to recollect the advertisement while they are shopping.
  • The use of SEX APPEAL is okay in advertising a product as far as it does not sound vulgar. Although sex appeal makes people curious and may encourage strong feelings about the advertisement or the product, care should be taken that it does not pass on the wrong message.
  • different types of advertising appealsThe musical advertisement sounds melodious to the ears. It easily captures the attention of viewers and increases customer recall. MUSIC APPEAL increases the persuasiveness of the advertisement.
  • SCARCITY APPEAL are used for limited supplies, they are used to employ promotional tools that includes contests, introducing new products, sweepstakes, etc.
  • RATIONAL APPEAL mainly focuses on individual’s functional or practical uses relating to a particular product. This appeal concentrates on the characteristics, features of the product or a service and states their uses and how it is going to be useful. These types of appeals are usually seen in print media and are well suited for B2B advertisers.
  • types of advertising appealsMASCULINE/FEMININE APPEALS are usually used to promote cosmetic products or clothing. This appeal creates an impression of a perfect person that encourages people to buy the products.
  • BRAND APPEAL is especially directed towards people who like to use branded items in clothing, cosmetics, or rather any other stuff.
  • ADVENTURE APPEAL is used to give an impression of changed life after a person uses the product. This appeal usually portrays fun, action and adventure.
  • ROMANCE APPEAL are used to attract the opposites, a person readily feels to buy a product to attract the person of an opposite sex. The appeal implies to people that buying a certain product will attract or improve their romance with loved ones.
  • YOUTH APPEALS are mostly directed towards the youth. It generates the interest amongst the youth to buy a particular product in trend and is mostly used in cosmetic industry.
  • ENDORSEMENT APPEALS make use of celebrities, youth icons, well known personalities. It helps to pitch the sales because people like to follow their favorite icons, or celebrities.
  • WORD APPEAL are used to convey some message in a form of a phrase, it becomes instant hit with people and helps in recalling the product frequently. It helps in recognizing a brand.
  • Some advertisements make use of statistics to help people understand the value of product by showing them the graphs, or percentage sales per year. It helps to increase the popularity of a product.
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