Feb 18, 2010

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The negative effects of advertising

Companies spend billions of dollars each year on advertisements; some of them go on to become great hits while some are useless failures. As much as companies strive hard to earn good respect in markets across the globe, there are various goof-ups company makes, which gets unnoticed even after strong checks before the execution. Here are some of the negative effects of advertising, which will broaden your horizon on taking some decisions:

  • Advertising, costs companies’ lots of money, and even after proper planning and implementation, there are HIDDEN COSTS involved, which will burn your pockets deep. When you buy a product, you don’t just pay for the product. There are lots of expenses already included with it like packaging, the development, manufacturing, technological expense, machinery, etc. along with all these you also pay for advertising expenses as well. It may sound good, to pay the objectionable costs but gets a little difficult paying the companies for the products we have already bought.
  • negative effects of advertisingSome companies go over board to sell their products making FALSE CLAIMS to the customers but as per the law you need to submit statistical data in order to prove them. Often we see advertisers bending their own rules to grab a market share. For starters, it may sound good but later on it may give wrong impression to the consumers.
  • There have been loads of negative effects of advertising on the direct consumers as well as companies. In order to sell their products in the markets, companies come out with different trends and bombard customers with different images and false claims and people start believing in them blindly. And as days pass, people get addicted due to false claim made by the company and as a result it may lead to SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION and insecurity especially seen in the younger population.
  • Advertisers are always looking for a particular audience to cater to so they want their ads to run on a specified channel or a medium, which is directed towards a particular age group of people. Today, mass media is full of advertising and it’s become one of the most powerful forces as far as CENSORSHIP is concerned. If some program is shown on television, which is a bit sketchy, it can be a major hurdle for brand to establish itself in the market. Producers don’t bother about the commercial instead ask show writers to rewrite that sketchy stuff which will ruin the reputation of a product and the company in the market. So often we see, our entertainment schedule goes for a toss and instead we see long and boring commercial blocks.
  • The last and the major negative effects of advertising is the LOSS OF CREATIVITY. Advertisers are just keen on selling their products by portraying the way it sounds beautiful to the consumer. The actual art of selling the products is rarely seen or found in the modern marketing strategies. Even when we see some movie over on some channel, it gets extended by one hour because of the advertisements.

And we need not just blame the advertising experts for this; everywhere people are concerned to sell their products by hook or by crook. The natural art of selling is rarely seen and so do the advertisements, they have lost their way somewhere due to temptations to give lesser efforts. Advertisements are truly supposed to be for the consumers to understand the product well rather than luring them in to buying it.

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