Feb 27, 2010

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Famous Advertising slogans

Some people are seen using them in their language or to pass on a particular message, and yet some people use them as quotes and quotations. Often we find, that the best advertising campaigns has something unique and creative for people to get attracted. The famous advertising slogans are meant to be clever sayings and the use of catchwords often makes them more attractive.


bmw slogan


coke slogan

The companies make use of catchwords as their motto to help people identify a particular brand. Creating your own brand in market is a huge challenge where there are several other products competing against each other. The best famous advertising slogans create a beautiful lasting memory in the minds of the people that they remember them for ages together. Let us have a look at the famous advertising slogans followed by companies:

A&W Root Beer That frosty mug sensation
Abbey National Get the Abbey habit
Acer Empowering Technology
American Airlines Fly the American way
Barclays Bank Fluent in finance
Benetton The United Colors of Benetton
BMW The ultimate driving machine
Bounty The taste of paradise
Burger King Have it your way
Camel I’d walk a mile for a Camel
Cisco Systems Welcome To The Human Network
Castrol Liquid Engineering
Coke It’s the real thing
Compaq Has it changed your life yet?
Daily Mail A newspaper, not a snoozepaper
Dell Yours is Here
Dr. Pepper Good for Life!
DHL We keep your promises
Delta Airlines You’ll love the way we fly
Duracell Batteries No battery is stronger longer
EA Sports It’s in the game
eBay Buy it. Sell it. Love it
Ford Everything we do is driven by you
General Electric Imagination at Work
Fosters Australian for Beer
Gillette The best a man can get
Haier Inspired Living
Hewlett Packard Invent
HSBC The world’s local bank
Intel Corporation Intel Inside
Johnnie Walker Keep Walking
KFC It’s Finger Lickin’ Good
Nintendo DS Touching is good
Oracle Information Driven
Motorola Hello Moto
McDonalds I’m Loving It
Trans World Airways Sight for Soaring Eyes
United Airlines Fly the friendly skies
Volkswagen Think small
Wall Street Journal The daily diary of the American dream
Wonderbra The one and only wonder bra
Xbox 360 Play More

mcdonalds slogan


dell slogan

Slogans are especially made to create a company brand position in front of the customers. The best creative advertising slogans provide an overview of a company brand image stating the company’s aggression and passionate goals to the customers.

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  1. Yup, they are the most famous slogans which are still spoken by many people.

  2. All the slogans have become like trademark for each company.

  3. Slogans are made to attract consumers. Today, every business is on slogans and advertisement and different mediums of marketing.

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