Mar 4, 2010

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Digital advertising signs

Advertising world has bought around lots of changes in the way manufacturers showcased their products to the consumers. The technological advancements in an advertising field has grown up to such a level that companies can change their ads in a matter of just few minutes and that is with the help of digital advertising signs. The digital signages are a network of customized digital display, that we can control using a computer. Growing number of companies are using digital advertising signs to deliver their message to the targeted audience, also to educate and motivate them. The digital signs boards make use plasma displays, LED, LCD, projected images that are seen hung on retail stores and corporate buildings. The digital advertising signs has lots of benefits over static forms of advertisements as the messages on it can be changed frequently just with a click of a button. They offer you great returns on your investments.

All over the world, China has the largest number of digital signage usage and the number of NASDAQ IPOs. The country’s biggest signage firm, Focus Media Holding alone operates over 120,000 screens. The total revenue coming from digital signage equipment including the hardware, installation, maintenance and software grew by 33% in the year 2009 in the United States. Here are some of the common purposes where digital signages are used:

  • digital advertising signsTo display public information like news, weather, traveler information, fire exits and other local information.
  • Used by company for brand building in the forms of digital signage.
  • To enhance customer experience by displaying the perceived wait time in bank queues, restaurant waiting areas, demonstrating a recipe in retail outlets, etc.
  • To display inside information on health and safety, corporate messages in a company, etc.
  • It helps to influence customer behavior by directing them to a particular area through digital display.
  • To enhance the relationship with the customer by putting up interactive screens.

It is important to update the content of the digital signage on a regular basis to pass on the correct information or message to the customers. You can change the content of the digital signboard manually or by a scheduling system. There are varied options for the hardware used for digital signboards; it includes the use of one or more digital screens, media player and content managing server. There might be cases, where more than one such component is used for a single device depending on the need. Each content management server is capable of supporting multiple media players and each media player can support multiple screens.

One of the main reasons for growing number of digital signages are the rapidly dropping prices of large plasma and LCD screens. The advanced digital signages allow mobile phone interactivity with the exchange of SMS and Bluetooth devices. Your SMS message can be displayed on the digital screen and allows direct interactivity with the audience. The digital advertising signs are tremendously useful for social media interactivity; the users can send the Twitter and Flickr messages directly to the displays. Some digital displays make use of autostereoscopy technology for 3D displays in which a user can see the 3D image without using 3D glasses.

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  1. Today, every business is on marketing. Without marketing the brand cannot work. Advertising plays a very important part in marketing.

  2. People get influenced by demographic presentation. So if the advertisement is good and catchy, people will fall for it.

  3. Advertisemsnt is the sector wherepeople spent the most in marketing as it’s a way to reach people and to grow the business.

  4. Digital signs are attractive. It cathes the eye of any one who is passing by.

  5. People are advancing with technology. There was a time when people just used to paint posters and now everything is done with some clicks.

  6. Digital signs and advertisement are very good for the people who cannot understand the language.

  7. Digital ads makes easy for children to understand and also like to see pictures and cartoons.

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