Mar 4, 2010

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Creative advertising techniques

The rapidly growing advertising industry has given rise to numerous creative advertising techniques that influence consumer behavior tremendously. The people get influenced to buy a particular product by reading display message, the manner in which it is portrayed, the medium used, the situation and many other factors. These are unique creative advertising techniques used by manufacturers, retailers, and companies to engage the minds of people that trigger emotions internally to think of a product. Here are some of the best creative advertising techniques you can apply while you plan your ad:

  • creative advertising techniquesDecide on the key idea you want to communicate with your audience, you can use an image or sentences that are completely different. MAKING USE OF METAPHOR will bring two different ideas together to create a new creative idea. A simile helps you create a metaphor and it is powerful tool to display your message. Try creating metaphor by keeping a key concept in mind.
  • While displaying your product message you can PROMISE A BENEFIT to the users. A promise of what a product can deliver. Be very specific while stating the importance of the product to grab attention. You can state complete features of the product and how the product will benefit them.
  • Talk about the REAL STUFF; do not be unrealistic about the details that you state to your audience. Make use of real situations and show people how they feel, what they feel, what they like, what they prefer, etc. Display people’s thinking, attitude, and mentality in your ads that will attract attention.
  • Create an INTERESTING CHARACTER that will interest people and help them recognize your brand. You can make use of an actor, cartoon characters playing a role or can also create your own brand character. The best popular advertising characters make use of invented characters and sometimes these characters do no depict or reflect the brand of the profile or the targeted audience.
  • Make use of DRAMATIC CONFLICT that will bring focused attention. You can create a role-play between husband and wife, mom and the child, client and the company. Create a goal or an objective that people will look forward to. Make them sense that they need the product by showing real situations.
  • Form a basic idea that you will communicate with your audience and then EXAGGERATE IT. You can exaggerate the benefits you stated for the product, or the real situations you showed. A bigger exaggeration makes the case interesting and helps in getting attention.
  • Add HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS to your product; you can create a feeling of a product being human. You can make a creative ad by giving human elements like speech, thought, action into the products.
  • Create a tagline for your ad that POSITIONS YOUR COMPANY in the minds of people. It will help create brand awareness amongst the people.
  • Give your audience AN OFFER that will make them compulsive of buying your product. This includes putting attractive discount offers, freebies, extra accessories with the products and others.
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  1. All these tips are really very meaningful in today’s advertising world. People need to understand and play in this field.

  2. People are bored of one and old tradition of making advertisement. People wants something new, some change.

  3. Creative advertisement is the key to notify the audience about your product, your brand.

  4. I agree the ad should be creative but it also should be easy to understand. Many ads are like totally astonishing but when it comes to knowledge, its nil.

  5. Tag line is the most important aspect of advertisement. To attract the audience you need to have some tag line which is out of the box.

  6. I really like the character part, but proper combination of the character with the product is very important.

  7. Don’t give false information or false hope for any product. People will purchase it once but after knowing its faults they will never ever buy the product again.

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