Mar 2, 2010

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Popular Advertising Slogans

The best advertising slogans have something unique to offer which other advertisements lag behind. What makes successful popular advertising slogans given the amount of competitiveness seen in the marketing world? You might answer; it’s the capability to capture the attention of the audience – the potential buyers. Advertisements are made with the sole aim of marketing or proposing your products in a very unique yet creative manner. As technological developments are advancing, people are willing to double the amount of expenses set for advertising needs. Here are some of the best tips to write popular advertising slogans keeping in mind the psychology of every individual concerned:

  • One on one appeal

    While most of the firms make a bigger mistake to write the titles that are too many which may lead to brand or product confusion amongst people. While you sit to design a title or slogan, keep in mind that you are talking to an individual. Give your audience the feeling of getting possessive to the product. You may write slogans that they may relate to. Communicate your message, thinking just one person in mind.

  • Pain or pleasure

    The title is one element in ads that draws maximum attention and you can grab that public attention either through pain or pleasure. Have a feeling to conquer your audience by hook or by crook, write slogans that triggers a passionate feeling amongst your audience.

  • References

    The best way to design a slogan for your advertisement is to refer popular advertising slogans you see on televisions, outside banners, newspaper ads. As you closely watch them, you will get some idea as to design your own. Do not copy them blindly, but use your own creativity.

Given below are some of the popular advertising slogans that have created history or rather influenced consumer buying:



“The choice of a new generation”



“Probably the best beer in the world”



“Quality never goes out of style”



“Just do it”



“Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country”

Folger’s Coffee

“The best part of waking up is Folgers’s in your cup”


“This Bud’s for you”

Kit Kat


“Have a break. Have a Kit Kat”



“Connecting People”

Master Card


“There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Master Card”

American Express

american express

“Don’t leave home without it”

In advertising history, innumerable products were advertised but not all became popular brands. The main reasons for the use of slogans were to influence consumer habits. According to experts, slogans are much more powerful than the visual product presentations as consumers are more likely to recollect the popular brand messages due to constant media exposure.

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  1. Having unique slogans is really needed in this creative world of advertisements.

  2. Popular slogans can only make the advertisement success and also the brand.

  3. People will not remember the advertisement but they will always remember that one liner which clicked the consumer.

  4. Its always said 1st impression is the last impression. Same goes with advertisement, wrong slogan will have a bad impression about the product.

  5. The slogans above are really very popular. It made me remind about my childhood :)

  6. Pepsi also had one more slogan ‘Nothing official about it’ It was very famous all over Asia I reckon.

  7. I just love MasterCard advertisement as all the time they show a complete new picture of the same product :)

  8. Nokia has not changed their slogan since their launch. It has been one of the oldest slogans in the ad world.

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