Feb 25, 2010

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Modern Advertising Methods

Today, the business success largely depends on the amount of money you spend on advertising and marketing. It has become more evident with the companies increasing their advertising budgets each year in marketing their products. It’s a simple rule in business; if you have something efficient and something unique to sell you need to also possess the art of selling it. The modern advertising methods have made it even more beneficial for every big and small company to showcase their products in a very different unique way and perception to attract the audiences in to buying them. There are trendy modern advertisers who are taking bigger risks and experimenting with new concepts, which are modern and innovative.

No one wants to waste their time in lengthy conventional methods of advertisements, people are more than willing to spend bigger money for instant, smart, quick ideas which makes the perfect combination of creativity and sense of advertising. Lets discuss some of the hottest trends followed by people today that give the perfect buying appeal to people. The modern advertising methods have given a new strategy to people to revive their old passion of creativity that matches their products and services.

  • Web Banner Advertising

    This type of advertising is very similar to banner advertising we use on the roads. The web banner advertisements are placed on the horizontal strip on the top of the web page. They attract attention due the images and graphics placed through javascript on the banners. These web banners ads when clicked, leads you to advertisers web page.

  • promotional advertisingPromotional Advertising

    This type of advertising involves giving away promotional items during business events or conferences to garner public attention to the product. It is one of the innovative techniques, which creates good demand for the product.

  • Bandwagon Advertising

    It aims at convincing the potential customer to buy the product by telling him that every other person is in favor of the brand and are using it. People tend to buy the product if others are using it willfully. This advertising is based on the psychology of a consumer.

  • Surrogate Advertising

    Some products are banned from public advertisements, companies resort to surrogate advertising by advertising their umbrella brand with other un-banned products. This reminds the customers of the actual product and thus indirect marketing.

  • Pixel Advertising

    As in the newspapers, the amount of money charged depends on the amount of space utilized for ads. Similarly, the Internet advertising is charged based on the amount of pixels used. This ad was developed in the year 2005 by a British student Alex Tew who came up with the website, The Million Dollar Homepage.

  • Contextual Advertising

    It is a very specific form of Internet marketing. Google adsense was very first form of contextual advertising. In this type of advertising, the advertisements are selected automatically by systems that are based on the content that is viewed by Internet users. The automated system scans the website for keywords and sends the ads that are relevant to the content that is being viewed by the user. Most of the search engines make use of contextual ads to display ads on the search engine results.

  • keyword advertisingKeyword Advertising

    The keyword-advertising concept is based on the cost per action advertising. This type of advertising is well known by pay per click advertising. Google adwords is one of the most popular forms of keyword advertising. Some well-known search engines also make use of keyword advertising.

  • Blog Advertising

    Blogs are one of the popular mediums today for interactivity where a blogger writes his thoughts regarding a particular topic and audiences write comments on their thoughts. Advertisers are wisely using blogging networks to advertise their products. Companies are using corporate blog to reach out to their customers online by writing of new products feature, their working, their rates, comparisons, etc.

  • Restroom Advertisements

    This seems like something out of box but restroom advertising is fast catching up with advertisers who are keen to present their product in a very unique and sophisticated manner. According to the survey, people are said to have read the restroom advertisements, which grasped their attention.

  • Mobile Advertisement
    mobile advertising

    It may sound annoying for the people who get dozens of advertising messages on their cell phones each day. But it is one of the efficient and effective ways for companies to market their new products by messaging every time some new product is launched, or schemes going in the company. It attracts quite a bit of customers who do not get time visiting the stores to check out new items and schemes.

  • Public Relations

    It is important to maintain a good public relation with your customers and employees for a healthy company-customer relationship. Many companies give utmost importance to pubic relations to maintain the company image in front of the customers. It is one of the effective ways to market your products genuinely. It helps to build good relations with your customers in longer run.

These are just few of the modern advertising methods people and companies are resorting to market their products. It gives them the added benefit of reaching their customers faster online than other traditional methods.

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