Feb 18, 2010

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Effects of advertising on children

The advertising world is getting bigger each day, every minute and every second of the day, people are finding creative writers or designers to showcase their products in a very unique way to the final consumers to make a lasting impression on the people. The markets all over the globe are huge and it sometimes nearly becomes difficult to help recognize a genuine product, today companies are fighting to create their brand space in the markets which are so consumed and flooded by extra ordinary products, their features, their uses and of course the attractive pricing. But manufacturers often fail to note the effects of advertising on children who are stuck to television almost all the time when their parents are not around.

Advertising does have good effects too, but the most prominent ones are the negative effects, which can have emotional, psychological effect on the minds of younger children in the longer run. The competitive business world has left no space, which we can call decent and humble for younger children. The company’s survival is getting difficult and all are craving for the best position so where does the younger generation go, are we really bothered about the effects of advertising on children which may harm their mental growth? Here are some of the negative listings of effects of advertisement on children:

  • negative effects of advertising on childrenAs soon as a child sees some great persuading ad, they run to their parents to purchase them the item. Whether it’s useful to them or no, they get so attached with attractive imagination that they get adamant on buying them.
  • Some commercials are often misinterpreted by younger generations; they forget the positive aspect of the ad and rather concentrate on negative stuff it has to offer.
  • To keep the audience attached to view the whole ad, some commercial makes use of dangerous stunts, which may be reciprocated by kids at home, which can prove harmful for their health. The statutory warnings are hardly recognized by younger kids, which may prove hazardous.
  • Children may get tempted for impulsive buying.
  • Children get so attached to those material advertisements, that they hardly notice real joys of life.
  • Some products advertised are big brands and they are costly, these attractive ads take away children’s attention from not so expensive products and thus get compulsive about buying particular expensive item.
  • Younger kids are more prone to reciprocate what they see in commercials, it may encourage anger; mood swings if they are deprived of latest toys and clothes of their choice shown in the commercials.
  • Junk food items, which are heavily promoted, may lead to child obesity in children. They keep craving for such foods all the time, which are more fatty and sugary from health perspective.

There may be varied effects of advertising on children whether positive or negative, it is up to us to keep our children falling prey to such undefined, useless advertisements. Try to make younger children aware of the real facts of life; your monthly income; your social status, etc. even if you can afford to buy something for them, make sure that it is something useful and worthy.

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